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Our business idea

Urban development starts with people. People with ideas, different ways of life and diverse needs are the inhabitants and the pulse of cities. We at Urbanista Stad AB therefore believe that the human perspective must be the basis for planning.

Our goal is to promote well-designed urban space. Smart and sustainable cities with places to create, live and work, attractive public transport, and great environments for walking and cycling. We see large-scale permanent solutions for infrastructure as enablers that are enhanced by small-scale, flexible solutions for transport.

Often we work in the early stages of urban development projects, from smaller developments to the redesign of entire urban zones. We also have experience and currently work with the construction phase of projects, seeking to transfer the knowledge and ideas from the planning phase into implementation.

Urban development requires interaction, where the actors together contribute the unequal parts into a complex jigsaw. We know our customers well, and we understand the perspectives and motives of different stakeholders to participate in this process.

Who we are

In June 2016 Catharina Migell and Klara Jonsson started Urbanista. Catharina has extensive experience as a transport planner and manager within municipal and consultancy roles in Gothenburg. Klara combines a background in implementation of railway projects in London with experience of urban planning and development in Gothenburg.

In the autumn of 2017, André Berggren and Anna Uhrbom joined the company. They are both experienced urban planners who have worked in municipal and consultancy roles in Gothenburg and in nearby cities.


Urbanista is part-owned by Dutch consultancy Goudappel Groep. We work closely with its subsidiary Goudappel Coffeng that has as its mission to use proven Dutch solutions on mobility to create sustainable, accessible, livable and economically flourishing cities worldwide. The company was founded over 50 years ago and has more than 220 employees in several locations in the Netherlands.

Our services

A holistic view, a human perspective and an understanding of the importance of cooperation in the urban development process are the cornerstones of our work. Our key competencies are described below.

Our mobility services range from the large scale – to develop regional strategies or urban traffic network analyzes – to the smaller perspective such as analysis of possible design solutions at a specific location.

We provide services in the very early stages of urban development and planning, where it is important to understand motives and create common goals. We also often work in the detailed urban planning process, creating zoning plans for developments of varying size.

Process management
We provide process management services that help collaborators understand each other, find common goals and work in a structured manner.

Project management
In the role as project managers, we structure, plan and implement urban development projects.