With analyzes that clarify!

Within the Analytics business area, we combine quantitative analyses of large data sets on electrification and mobility with an open-minded qualitative approach. Through our work, our customers can make more informed investment decisions.

The ongoing transition towards fossil-free vehicle fleets and increased electrification means that many actors are looking for answers to new types of questions. For example, municipalities, electricity companies and private actors need to know what charging capacity will be required. Other questions centre on the location of charging infrastructure; or predicting demand according to time of day or vehicle type.

We base our work on large amounts of available data, both to show how existing infrastructure is used and to determine the future need. Based on this, we develop analyses, models and strategies regarding the transition to an electrified future. We place great emphasis on ease of use and visualizing complex questions in an accessible way.

The projects are formed together with our customers, and often start with open questions and a dialogue about expectations, benefits and areas of use for our contribution.

Examples of our services:

  • Finding the best locations for charging infrastructure
  • Implementation of shared mobility solutions
  • Charging strategies for electric logistics
  • Showing the potential of energy flexibility for newly built areas
  • GIS analyses for urban accessibility