Urban planning, Mobility

City of Gothenburg

Type of assignment
Two roles: Project manager with responsibility for the urban zoning plan and Transport plan lead.

The urban zoning plan is intended to enable housing, a preschool and a public square. The planning process was preceded by a land allocation competition where developer Ernst Rosén was awarded the allocation (see competition proposal here).

On behalf of the City of Gothenburg’s urban development department, two urban planners from Urbanista worked on the preparation of documents for consultation. It was a complex zoning plan with key questions about a nationally designated cultural heritage conservation area, design of future squares, density, implementation feasibility, parking and mobility and creating an acceptable outdoor environment for a preschool. The work consisted of leading the project group, working groups and workshops, coordinating consultants for the preparation of various studies and compilation of consultation documents.

Urbanista also worked on transport issues. The work included representing the client (Urban Transport Administration) and directing the design process of the public space, including traffic proposals, in a central and historic location in Gothenburg. The aim was to create a high-quality square, minimise the impact of the proposals on the existing traffic system and ensure its feasibility. The assignment also included finding ways to manage the existing car park, to what extent it should be replaced and interpreting the city’s policy documents in