Mobility, Urban planning

Älvstranden Utveckling AB

Type of assignment
Qualified Programme Coordinator 

Gullbergsvass is located within The River city (Älvstaden) in Gothenburg; central areas along the river designated for urban development. Several major infrastructure projects are underway in the area, but for housing and commercial development, there is a long-term planning perspective. The infrastructure projects are the transformation of E45 road into a tunnel with housing above, the (partly underground) rail project Västlänken and also the future street structure where the new bridge across the river, Hisingsbron, is included.

By combining a short- and long-term perspective, the large infrastructure projects can provide a robust urban structure for future development. For example, the early creation of strategically located links to neighbouring areas, or by strengthening the resources that already exist in the area such as businesses of different kinds.

Urbanista was involved in the assignment over several years and adapted its role to the client’s needs as the project progressed. Initially, the assignment involved supporting the programme manager for the area to define the assignment and running the work as part of the River city organisation. Much of the work was about finding opportunities for collaboration with other stakeholders, often by trying to understand and utilise their motivating factors, to drive the urban development process forward. Later, Urbanista was responsible for the development financials, programme management and early-stage urban planning, aiming to create a solid starting point for future urban development. Among other things, an overall masterplan to form the basis for future urban zoning plan work was created.

Much work revolved around solving issues related to accessibility, parking and other mobility aspects during the ongoing construction period for major projects in the vicinity. The role involved much collaboration internally within the municipal company Älvstranden Utveckling AB and with other governmental, municipal, and private actors. The assignment was carried out in close collaboration with the Urban planning office in Gothenburg.