Cirkus Lorensberg


Serneke Fastighetsstyrning AB

Type of assignment
Mobility and parking study and support in the urban zoning plan process.

The site is located in Lorensberg, in the heart of Gothenburg, in close proximity to Korsvägen with its upcoming new regional train station, and Kungsportsavenyn. The area is approximately 1.5 km south of Gothenburg Central Station.

The development of Cirkus Lorensberg is according to the masterplan for the city part of a sustainable Gothenburg, in an area that should be commercially viable and enable a high quality of life. The site’s strategic location in the city between development areas means that it has great potential to link different areas in the central parts of Gothenburg and can set an example for further planning of the urban development taking place. The so-called “Cirkus site” is planned for housing, each building with 100-150 apartments, premises for commercial activities and parking.

Urbanista’s assignment was to support Serneke in issues related to mobility. As part of the planning process, Urbanista conducted a mobility- and parking study that included proposals for mobility measures for the new development, with the aim of utilising flexible parking guidelines from City of Gothenburg. The project also dealt with issues relating to the replacement of existing car parking. To make space for redevelopment, an existing parking garage was to be demolished. The replacement analysis considered the variance in parking occupancy over time, and how it is expected to be affected by future infrastructure projects, such as the new railway station at Korsvägen.

An important part of the assignment was to weigh different interests against each other and try to find reasonable solutions that everyone could agree on. The delivery consisted of a mobility and parking study, a replacement study of existing car parking and revised documents as the planning process progressed.