(Fast)Charging infrastructure for all types of electric mobility


NAL West Region: Five Dutch provinces (Flevoland, North Holland, South Holland, Utrecht, Zeeland) including the four biggest Dutch cities (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht)

Type of project
Project manager and Analyst

Electric mobility is on the rise. More and more vehicles have electric power trains. Electric passenger vehicles are becoming more common as well as delivery vehicles, taxis, and trucks. And all those vehicles need charging. More and more fast chargers, depot chargers, short-term parking chargers, public charging stations and charging points on site. So how do you know what type of chargers you need, how many chargers you need, where to erect them and when they should be installed?

In order to provide the NAL West region, consisting of 5 western Dutch provinces (including the four biggest cities) with the answer to all these questions, Urbanista Analytics developed a model with partner organisations that predicts the charging demand of various target groups: private vehicles, taxi’s, shared vehicles and logistics. The result is a model with annual predictions on a neighbourhood level for the different regions, modalities, and type of charging infrastructure. This includes the grid impact resulting from this.

A total of more than 3,5 million datapoints were generated for more than 5,500 Dutch neighbourhoods. This resulted in the municipalities and regions to build their charging infrastructure strategies upon reliable prognoses. It also provided them with the required electricity grid impact so that grid operators could make the required investments ahead of time.