About us

At Urbanista Stad, we put people at the centre of urban development. The inhabitants of cities drive urban development through their lifestyle choices. Therefore, the human perspective should be the basis for urban and mobility planning that makes sustainable choices easy.

We believe in well-thought-out environments, attractive public transport, great conditions for pedestrians and cyclists – a smart and sustainable city. Clever use of space and large-scale permanent solutions for infrastructure that coexist with small-scale, flexible modes of transport.

We often work in the early stages of large urban development projects, but we also have experience of the implementation phase of projects. Urban development requires robust collaboration, where the actors together contribute with the differently shaped parts of a complex puzzle. We know our customers well and we understand the perspectives and driving forces of different stakeholders.

Working at Urbanista Stad is inspiring, we work on exciting projects and are there where it happens. We come up with a lot of fun together with our colleagues. I like to run and we at Urbanista Stad usually participate in the relay race together, everyone likes to compete.

Maja Sjöstedt / Consultant in urban development and mobility


Urbanista Stad AB is partly owned by the Dutch consulting company Goudappel. This thriving corporate collaboration – where we continuously exchange knowledge and best practice – benefits both customers and employees in our endeavor to create sustainable cities. Goudappel describe their mission as follows: 

Goudappel is the market leader in the Netherlands. This position is secured through continuous innovation, investment in competence, development of new services and international cooperation.